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Caring Hands Solutions is keeping fully abreast of developments relating to the continued spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the UK and Ireland.

Care support service help community

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Home Care for the elderly Manchester, UK

Caring Hands Solutions Ltd aims to achieve this by :

1.Providing regular training for our staff.

2. Assess and review Service Users on a regular basis.

3.Respond positively to any complaints recieved.

4. Work within the compounds of relevant legislation.

5.Work within the compounds of good practice and the contract between our agency and Service User.

6.Providing a high quality flexible service that is tailored to the needs of the individual.

7.Working in partnership with other agencies involved in care in order to ensure a cost effective service.

8.Promoting independent living working within the clients range of abilities and competencies.

9.We aim to safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of the Service User and to enable them to maintain their independence and an opportunity to enjoy life and contribute to society.

Caring Hands Solutions Ltd will provide personal domiciliary care to all service user groups either privately or through City Councils Social Services Department, the NHS and other professional bodies, our services may include the following:

1. Assistance with shopping and preparing meals.

2.Assistance with washing, bathing and dressing.

3. Assistance with eating and drinking.

4.Assistance in serving already prepared food.

5.Sleep in waking night service.

6.Sit in service.

7.Live in service.

8. Accompany to hospital appointments.

9. Assistance with medication.

10. Pick up and drop to any educational or other institution as required.

11. Accompany to cultural or religous events.

12.Leisure / recreational events, travelling, personal development.

Care will be provided to those individuals who will approach Caring Hands Solutions Ltd or are referred to us. Care will be provided on the basis that :

1. The needs of each individual have been carefully assessed.

2. The workforce of Caring Hands Solutions Ltd has the competence and experience to handle those individual cases calling for specialist help and support when needed.

Our Client base covers:

1. Dementia

2. Personal Care

3.Physical disability

4.Sensory impairments

5.Caring for adults under and over 65yrs of age.

Our Philosophy of Care:

We believe in giving our clients the choice to remain independent in the comfort of their own homes, without compromising on quality of care. We all know we would much rather stay in our homes than go into hospital, research has shown the benefits of staying at home aid recovery.